Many happy returns

I love surprises, and I got one this morning when a UPS truck pulled up in front of my house with an unexpected package. Better yet, the delivery was tools.

Lost, not found

I lost a couple favorite tools that, although easily replaced, were irreplaceable. The key word there is “favorite.”

Wrong place, wrong time – always

I love comedy. I’m both a fan and practitioner of practical jokes. But there’s no place in the woodshop for fooling around. Ever.


When it comes to me, a shop mess is the gift that keeps on giving.

Temporarily permanent

Woodworkers build temporary and permanent shop fixtures. Sometimes, though, they can be both.

I confess, I’m a mess

Are you messy in the woodshop? If so, you’re a rank amateur when it comes to the messes I can creatively conjure up.

Story stuck

Drawer slides are among the easiest things to install: Do it correctly, and they practically install themselves. Pop quiz: What’s the key statement there?

Chatoyance annoyance

I like light. Light is our friend. So let there be some; in fact, let there be plenty of it. But sometimes, light likes to play funny games.

Made in the shade no longer

I hate when big old trees are cut down, for lots of reasons. A neighbor took one down last week, though, that’s had a direct impact on my work. Wait, what?

Falling off a log

“It won’t happen to me, I’m only [insert action here].” Somehow, trivializing an easy action makes an unwanted outcome seem unlikely. It doesn’t work.