All in a day’s work

I never ask or expect anything in return for woodworking favors. As far as I’m concerned, using my skills to help a friend is its own reward.

Housecleaning and opportunities

In getting rid of some unneeded stuff this week, I think I stumbled on a chance to make some money. The question is: Do I want to?

You’re gonna thank me

Hey, remember talking about how your thumb tips split in the winter? Ouch is right. Well, I came up with something to take care of that you probably never thought of.

Best business practices

Loyal customers buy things all the time, but sometimes the best way to create loyal customers is not to sell them anything at all.

No need

Sometimes, I have absolutely no need whatsoever for one particular tool or another. But often, I just can’t seem to rest until I get it.

Re-creating the past

How do you include an old character in a new movie when the original actor has died? This is a woodworking analogy so you know the answer: You create a reproduction.

All thumbs

Physically speaking, what’s the most important and most-used part of your body in the woodshop – Arms? Legs? Hands? Nope – although that last was close – it’s our thumbs.

Resaw, recycle and re-use

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s no such thing as scrap. This time, the original scrap saw not one, but two useful lives.

The luxury of time

Money is usually the prime consideration when buying a new tool. However, having the time to shop is just as important.

To your health

At the risk of repetition, let’s talk about health and the woodshop one more time.