Chilled out

Not all essential shop accessories relate to woodworking. And some, no matter how much we like them, aren’t all that essential.

Free-time fun

If you’re like me, you use your woodshop skills for chores outside the shop. But do you ever use those skills just for fun? Sure you do.

Take two

Whenever I buy accessories or small tools, I really should buy two at once. It’d save a lot of time.

It’s new, improved and old-fashioned

I love all new technology, especially as in applies to my shop. Guess what, though? Old technology is still there. Nothing whatsoever has happened to it.

How to succeed in business

No woodworking this time. Instead, here’s how to make a local business thrive. That’s related, right?

Wrong tool, right job

You can always count on me to use the right tool for the right job. Except when I don’t.

In charge, and in control

I’ve noted before that I’m a big proponent of pairing technology with tools. The more control I have, the better I work. It’s as simple as that.


I’m a power woodworker, in the sense I rely on powered equipment and tools. Could I do without them? I decided to find out.

Luck, be a lady

Ever do something stupidly dangerous, but only realize it after you did it? Something that, had it not been for the best good luck you’ve ever had, should have resulted in injury?


I love working with kids. I’ve even done a book on the subject. But this past week, I probably did more concentrated kid-involved woodworking than ever.