Know when to fold?

Internet search engines are useful when I’m looking for woodworking information or products. Not always so useful, though, when an engine finds me.

I hate being right all the time

I talked last time about hating to buy something I could make myself, opining that I could probably do a better job. I had no idea.

A forbidden purchase

I hate to pay for something I can do myself, but sometimes I do. I draw the line at paying for woodworking, though. Uh, well, until now.


I’m currently working on a joint project with another woodworker. And even though we’re working “together,” the other guy is more than 2,000 miles away.

Book ’em

I’m a book lover, and keep them all. As a result, we have hundreds. How many of those do you suppose are woodworking books?

Many happy returns

I love surprises, and I got one this morning when a UPS truck pulled up in front of my house with an unexpected package. Better yet, the delivery was tools.

Lost, not found

I lost a couple favorite tools that, although easily replaced, were irreplaceable. The key word there is “favorite.”

Wrong place, wrong time – always

I love comedy. I’m both a fan and practitioner of practical jokes. But there’s no place in the woodshop for fooling around. Ever.


When it comes to me, a shop mess is the gift that keeps on giving.

Temporarily permanent

Woodworkers build temporary and permanent shop fixtures. Sometimes, though, they can be both.