Too much stuff

I have too much of a good thing. Nice problem to have, you say? Not when you start running out of room to put the good things.

Ain’t never done that before

Have you ever done something for the first time and been surprised how well it turned out? Me, too, and it’s a great feeling.

Abrasive relationship

Most woodworkers seem to hate the sanding process, but not me. Unfortunately, I have some bad sanding habits.

Sudden scares

Being startled in the woodshop is never a good thing. It depends, of course, on what you’re doing.

Hitting home

Safety is foremost in woodworking, but sometimes it takes knowing someone who’s had a serious injury to really make the message hit home.

This time, it’s personal

My woodshop isn’t just where I work; it’s my personal space. I’m betting that’s just as important for you as it is to me.

Quick and fuzzy

I take shortcuts all the time that violate “good” woodworking practices. Why? They make me a more efficient woodworker.

Rack and ruin

Woodworkers seem to universally agree that sanding, a task apparently hated by all, is the worst possible shop chore. It’s not. Dealing with a lumber rack is.


Pilots talk about a good landing as being any landing you can walk away from. That doesn’t quite correlate with woodworking, though, so let’s talk about the bad landings.


Making, creating and repairing things have three basic requirements: skills, materials and tools. But there’s a nebulous fourth requirement – the motivation to do it.