Why oh why

I recently bought a small benchtop band saw for occasional detail work. What a waste of money.

To-do list

As a woodworker, I’m also the household handyman. And with that title, it’s always something.

Make room! Make room!

New Year’s resolution: Get trim and fit. Well, not me, exactly – I’m as trim as I’m ever going to get – but my shop.

Just once more will do it…

The teensiest, tiniest of microscopic mistakes should be easy to fix. They aren’t.

Just like learning piano

There are lots of woodworking skills I covet, but leaning how to use SketchUp is probably at the top of my list.

Hey, where’d my shop go?

A funny thing happened to my shop. It disappeared. At least, I’m having a darned time trying to find it.

Paying attention (or not)

A simple case of not paying attention could have ruined a recent project. I didn’t, but it was still a lesson learned.

Balmy breezes

With the weather – and my woodshop – turning colder, I came up with a hot idea. OK, overstated a bit in an effort at cleverness, but it really is a good idea.

Falsely accused

I far prefer brushing or wiping on a finish as opposed to spraying, but there is one annoying drawback.