Back to back

Just quickly following up on last time, my back is fine. More or less. Still, the entire experience was eye opening, shop-wise. And should be for you, too.

Backing up a bit

We use our whole bodies when working in the shop. I’ve recently realized just how much I use a particular part of my body: my back.

Rust bucket

I had a leak I didn’t know about that, in a circuitous Rube Goldbergian way, made its way to my jointer. I just found it, and although I’m not happy it could have been worse.

Embarrassment of riches

I’ve said before I have too much stuff in my woodshop. Well, I mean it this time. No, really.

Daylight woodshop time

This time next week, it won’t BE this time next week. That’s right: The time to reset the clocks is upon us.

Tell or teach?

If someone needs woodworking advice, is it better to just tell them what they need to know, or help them learn it? Depends.

Gets my vote every time

With two weeks till the election, I’ve finally decided my preference: Being in my woodshop where I don’t hear anything about it.

A timeless match

No matter how hard you try to make something new match something old, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, the best way to match things is just to wait.

Fast, but not so furious

What’s the fastest project you’ve ever made, beginning to end? I’ve made a lot of quick-n-easy projects, but I think I just beat my own record.

Ask a simple question

Here’s a shocker: I don’t know everything there is to know about woodworking.