Pencil pusher

Woodworkers use pencils… a lot of pencils. But there’s never one near when you need one, is there?

You probably try to keep a pencil in your shirt pocket while working. And every time you bend over the pencil slips out, hits the floor and breaks the point. If you’re like me, you probably spend as much time retrieving and then resharpening pencils as you do using one. Actually, I should have said if you were like me. I don’t have that problem anymore.

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See all those pencil nubs up there?  Those pencils are just about at the stage when most folks throw them away. For me, that’s when they become my primary writing tool in the shop. A full-size pencil slips out of your pocket every chance it gets – I swear, they spend all their downtime planning it – but these shorties fit all the way down into my shirt pocket, and they stay put no matter how much I move around in the shop.

You’re welcome.



  • Lee Gordon says:

    You would never have had this problem if you played golf. The pencils they give you at the course for marking your scorecard start out life at about the same length your stubby ones end up.
    Some courses even provide pencils with erasers, although most don’t. But those flat,”real” carpentry pencils don’t generally have erasers, either.

  • A.J. Hamler says:

    But if I were to take up golf, then I’d have to start wearing yellow pants and stuff. Sorry, but even my sartorial deficiencies won’t allow that.

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