Stupid is as stupid does

Sometimes I can be a knucklehead, even when I’ve planned things so as not to be one. And you’re asking, What stupid thing has he done now?

Well, you know that old gag in sitcoms and comics where some idiot is painting a floor and paints himself into a corner?

By all that’s holy, please tell us you didn’t do that, A.J.

No, I didn’t, because that would make me an idiot, and I clearly stated knucklehead. Big difference. Besides, I also noted that I planned things carefully. I was painting the steps leading down to my basement shop – so no corners. Ha! Gotcha!

So, you painted the steps, and then realized you were stuck in the basement didn’t you? Idiot.

You are incorrect, sir. I have a walk-out basement, so my plan was to paint the steps, exit said door, and walk around and into the house to clean up the brushes and stuff. I even put cleaning stuff by the sink so it’d be all ready.

Very smart. We’re impressed.

As well you should be. I used the same epoxy paint I applied earlier to the shop floor. Looks great!

You spilled it, didn’t you? Slopped it all over the nice shop floor and had to clean it up.

Wrong again. I did a perfect job. I even remembered to close the door at the top of the steps so the cats wouldn’t walk on them.

So, what’s the problem?

No problem. Not really. I just didn’t get a chance to clean my brushes as well as I should have.

And that was because…?

Well, I neglected to unlock the front door, and couldn’t get back in the house. At least, not until the steps dried and I could go back upstairs.




  • ralph boumenot says:

    Did you at least have a cup of coffee to help the time pass?

  • Terry L. Moses says:

    Good one! Laughed out loud!

  • Mike M says:

    Having done almost the same thing…getting locked out of the house from a walkout basement shop, I can suggest two solutions that helped this knucklehead.

    Hide a house key in a safe, dry, outside-the-house location. Also, if your garage is connected to the house and you have electric garage door openers, a digital key pad remote opener for the door works wonders. With that much backup it’s almost knucklehead-proof!

  • Dick Baynes says:

    Outstanding! I feel better!

  • Carl Evans says:

    You gave me a well needed laugh this morning. I can relate, we all have thought we thought something all the way through and didn’t foresee something simple that should have been obvious.

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