Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid

Been a long time since Ive had an entry in my series of Stupid blogs. Guess Im long overdue.

My last entry in the Stupid series was Stupid, stupid, stupid, which ran more than two years ago (June 27, 2008). That particular entry described how I got stuck on my roof because I didnt think ahead. Havent done any really stupid things since then. Minor stupid, yes; really stupid, no. Thats fortunate, since every time I write about this kind of thing I add one more stupid to the title eventually, Ill run out of room on that line.

What really makes this a perfect entry in the Stupid Files is that its really a clich. Every woodworker has heard of another woodworker doing it. When we hear about such incidents we always say something like, Hey, it could happen to anybody, which really means, Boy are you a flaming idiot.

I had just finished some dados on the table saw. Took off the stacked dado set Id been using and put my regular blade back on. Tightened it down and slipped the zero-clearance plate back in, and then didnt use the saw for a couple days.

Yesterday I needed to cut some stock to length. Made all my appropriate cut marks and placed the stock against the miter gauge. Adjusted the blade height and locked it. Turned on the saw and fed the stock into the blade where it just wouldnt cut worth a darn. Shut down the saw, backed the stock out, looked at it and couldnt figure it out. I thought the miter gauge was jamming or something, so I removed the stock and test-slid the miter gauge a few times. It worked fine. Tried the cut again with the same results. Stopped everything and started trying to figure it out. I did, but it took nearly five minutes to finally notice what was wrong.

I know youre way ahead of me here: Yes, Id put the blade on backward. And as if that wasnt stupid enough, it was compounded by the fact that it took me two tries and an additional five minutes to locate the problem.

And I know what youre thinking. Youre thinking, Hey, it could happen to anybody.

Till next time,



  • Don says:

    Been there, done that. About 7 years ago I put a plywood blade in backwards. Sure made the blade hot and the wood a dark brown/black color. Big-time brain fart.

    An experience I don’t care to repeat. 🙁

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