The tool you dont want

I bought a major new tool yesterday that cost about $600. Tool gloat? Nope. The tool I got was a monkey wrench.

If youre thinking A.J. just found himself a wonderful antique adjustable tool from the 19th century, think again. What I got was the other definition of monkey wrench. What I got was a water heater.

I discovered a leak Monday night in the closet that houses our water heater and water softener. Unlike folks lucky enough to have basements, ours is located in a closet beneath the stairs in our living area. The resultant leak by the time I found it had managed to soak carpeting, drywall, baseboards and subfloor. That loud adult language you probably heard around 1 A.M. Tuesday was me ripping out soggy carpeting and padding in the middle of the night.

Now, two days later I have a new water heater installed, all the destroyed carpeting gone, and the subfloor pretty dry. (Ill let it dry out for a full week before attempting to redo carpet, baseboards, etc.) The drywall, fortunately, turned out to be OK.

As you can see the unexpected expense of this essential tool I bought had nothing to do with woodworking, at least not directly. You recall, however, that I was about to embark on a major shop upgrade, so this unplanned purchase does relate directly to woodworking: Its a monkey wrench tossed into my shop upgrade plans, now indefinitely postponed. As a bonus, it will also demand a good bit of my shop time a week from now to do all the needed repairs and restoration work from the water damage. Plus a few extra bucks for restoration materials on top of that.

Its fortunate that my shop is already in good shape if youve followed these blogs regularly you know Ive already done some upgrading over the past year so once all my repairs are done Im not really impacted directly shop-wise.

But the tool shopping I had to do yesterday will preclude for a while any other tool shopping I may have wanted to do where it counts.

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