Water-based finishing

They say you canít live without water. Iím betting I could live just fine with a little bit less.

When you saw the title of this blog, you probably thought I was going to discuss formulation of coatings, didnít you? Nope. I have three things right now that water has affected, and I need to finish them. In this context, when I say ďfinish them,Ē I mean ďget them done.Ē

The first is my new storage shed. Itís more or less finished, construction-wise. I did an outstanding job, too, if I say so myself. The only thing left to do now is apply the tarpaper and shingle it. However, right after finishing the roof, the weatherman sent rain our way. Itís still damp outside and so is the roof. I want to wait till that sheathing dries before covering it, so thatís on hold. Canít finish it.

My wife had a Bad Day this past weekend when it came to watering our many plants. She managed to over-water five of them. Not any of the hanging plants or plants that are on stands are on our†easy-to-mop-up flooring, but†on wooden furniture. I discovered this on Monday after theyíd each been sitting in a puddle for about two days. The finish has raised or cracked on each, and Iíll need to take care of it, or those pieces are finished as attractive furniture. The damaged furniture wasnít stuff bought from one of the big box furniture stores such as Ikea (which is Swedish, not Finnish), but things Iíd made myself. Since I originally finished them, I know just what to use to refinish them, so the job shouldn’t take that long to finish.

Finally, you may recall many months ago my experience of getting stuck on the roof to repair a leak that had stained our bedroom ceiling. The leak is gone, but the stain is still there. One of these days Iíll have to finish that task, too.

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