You’re gonna thank me

Hey, remember talking about how your thumb tips split in the winter? Ouch is right. Well, I came up with something to take care of that you probably never thought of.

Those splits you get in the tips of your thumb in the winter are the worst – they sting like crazy, reduce your dexterity by at least half, and they can take weeks to heal if not all winter. The last time we talked about this a lot of you recommended O’Keeffe’s Working Hands. That’s great stuff, and moisturized that thumb cut is about the only way you’re going to get it to heal.

The thing of it is, is that it’s not always easy to carry around a tin of the stuff all the time, or any other hand conditioner for that matter. Likewise, it’s not always convenient to apply the stuff in the middle of a workday or when you’re out and about.

Well, I got one of those thumb splits a couple weeks ago and was using the O’Keeffe’s whenever I could, but then I got to thinking. What the cream does is moisturize the skin, medicate it, and keep it from cracking as it heals. And I thought, wait, what else does that?

Pretty much any lip balm, be it ChapStick, Blistex or any other brand (including O’Keeffe’s new lip balm) are all designed to do for your lips what hand lotion does for your hands. However, the small size of the applicators makes it easy to carry one with you no matter where you are. As you work, periodically reach into your pocket, grab the little applicator, dab that pesky thumb cut, and get right back to work or whatever else you were doing.

The best part is that it works great – that thumb split I told you about above is gone, and I don’t think it’s coming back. Now, I’ll never give up my tin of regular O’Keeffe’s, but when I’m moving around I now keep a ChapStick in my pocket at all times.

You’re welcome.



  • ralp boumenot says:

    Nice tip. I have several billion chapstick tubes gathering dust all over.

  • Jeff Ferrell says:

    Cyanoacrylate adhesive works better (ignoring possible toxic reactions). Put a drop in the crack and hold closed until dry. I have used O’Keeffe’s, and will continue to, as a preventative measure. But there are times where you are working and the stress on your skin will not allow the healing process to begin.

  • Jack Barber says:

    When you get a split, cover it with super glue. The pain goes away almost immediately and protects the split till it heals.

  • Geoff says:

    I find Eucerin to be even better. Apply once a day and I haven’t had any cracks at all and less greasy than O’Keeffe’s.

  • charlie tarver says:

    Burt’s Bees salve is better than any you mentioned. Comes in a small round package and takes just a few days to completely heal.

  • Charles Lent says:

    Of all the anti-chap remedies that I’ve tried, I found CARMEC lip balm to be best. I haven’t tried it on my hands, but I don’t get the “split thumb” problem either.


  • Larry Shaver says:

    I cut the very tip of my middle finger off on a sheet metal sheer in shop class in 1976 and it used to split regularly. I’ve been a chap-stick user since about that time but it took many winters of working outside to make that connection. Works like a charm and always handy.

  • Carl Evans says:

    Bag Balm has always been my go to for calloused, chaped, abrated, burned and anything else that’s needs help in healing.

  • Jay Young says:

    Carmec is a quick cure and easy to have in a small bottle. Works for small cuts on hands, arms and lips. They heal fast.
    Jay Young

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